Learn About Podiatry with Lake Health Care Center in Eustis

Having trouble with your feet or legs might require you to seek the assistance of a Eustis podiatrist. This is a doctor who specializes in caring for the toes, feet and lower legs. They attend school for four years to study the structures in this area of the body to learn about how they work and how to treat various issues.

Training a Podiatrist Receives

A podiatrist will go through a post-graduate program once they finish with their undergraduate studies. The program is four years long and can only occur at one of nine special podiatry schools in this country. Instead of being deemed medical doctors, they are known as doctors of podiatric medicine.

Unlike an MD, a DPM isn’t able to undergo a residency that isn’t in the podiatry field. Instead, their residency is typically a three-year program. It is possible for a podiatrist to decide to specialize in a specific facet of podiatry. For example, one doctor might only do surgical procedures while another may handle care that can only be provided in the office.

Types of Problems a Podiatrist Can Treat

Since they focus solely on the feet and lower legs, podiatrists can address almost anything that is wrong in this area. A few conditions they treat include:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Sports injuries
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Athlete’s feet
  • Wound care

In some cases, the podiatrist might call in another specialist to help them address the problem. This is often the case if there is something underlying that they can’t treat themselves.

Treatments Podiatrists Can Offer

Since they are licensed doctors, even without having been to medical school, podiatrists can prescribe medications, do surgery on the feet or lower legs, and reset bones. They might use a combination of alternative and traditional medications to help their patients.

On top of treating conditions, podiatrists also help patients to learn about proper foot care. This is especially important for diabetics who have an increased risk of limb amputation if they don’t care for the area properly. They might also do wellness checkups to help catch potential problems before they can become problematic.

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