Spinal Decompression Therapy at Lake Health Care Center

Conditions affecting your vertebral discs and spinal nerve tissue can cause serious problems, from back and neck pain to bizarre malfunctions in your arms or legs. But if you’re worried that a bulging or herniated disc can only be corrected through major surgery, put your mind at ease. Here at Lake Health Care Center in Eustis FL, our chiropractic team can relieve your symptoms and correct your condition through a non-invasive technique known as spinal decompression therapy.

Are You Suffering From a Herniated or Bulging Disc?

Many people who suffer the agonies of a herniated or bulging disc aren’t quite sure what these conditions involve or how they differ from each other. A bulging disc is most often the end result of natural processes. Age causes a general loss of hydration in the body, which in turn allows the water inside the fluid-filled discs to dry up. The discs then flatten and start bulging out of the spinal column. This can cause pain in two ways: The collapsed space between the discs stresses the facet joints that connect the vertebrae, while the bulging part of the disc presses against the spinal cord or nerve root tissue. Under enough pressure, a bulging disc may herniate or rupture, causing the inner fluid to actually leak out and produce even more pain and inflammation.

Not all disc problems can be blamed on the aging process. A herniated disc may occur abruptly as part of an acute injury. Chronic postural problems or spinal misalignment issues can make you more prone to both bulging discs and herniated discs. However the problem arises, you’re likely to suffer from back or neck pain as well as tingling, weakness, numbness, or pain in the upper or lower extremities (depending on the location of the damaged disc).

Non-Surgical Treatment for Neck or Back Pain

The surgical procedures prescribed for disc problems are major operations that involve taking out parts of discs or fusing vertebral structures. These days, however, surgery is a last resort. Our chiropractic team can examine your spine to discover exactly where your disc problem lies. We can then use a computer-controlled treatment table to apply flexion distraction to the spine. This force stretches the spine just enough to pull bulging or herniated discs away from nerve tissue, easing neck pain, back pain, and extremity symptoms. This safe, painless treatment can even help re-hydrate a bulging disc.

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